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SMART DOG tracker THAT monitors health and HELPS you UNDERSTAND YOUR DOG

No more worries - monitor your beloved pet's activity, health, temperature and behavior with Otury smart tracking device.

did you know?

Obesity is the most common preventable disease in dogs, but nearly 54% of all dogs are at risk for weight-related health disorders.

Every year, thousands of dogs die from heatstroke, and even fit and athletic dogs can suffer heat-related illnesses. In addition, dogs have a higher body temperature than people and can’t cool down as efficiently themselves.

Don't let yours be among the statistics.

Keep your best friend safe with Otury!


paw tracking

GPS tracker locates your dog in real time, counts steps, monitors activity and behavior.


Thermal sensor warns about temperature changes and risks.


Assess and monitor your dog's body & health condition in his profile, evaluate obesity risk.

Get a personalized fitness plan for your dog, set activity goals and adjust feeding plan.
virtual leash

Create safe zones with customized app alerts when your dog strays or wanders too far on a walk!

user friendly app

See the stats of your dog in a simple, easy-to-use interface Otury App for iOS or Android.


Charges in less than 3 hours, lasts up to two weeks, battery saving mode available.

unlimited plan

Lifetime of tracking, no extra charges, no monthly fees.

adjustable & fits all

Fits dogs of any age and weight, works with your favorite collar or harness.

waterproof & DURABLE

Let your dog happily explore the world, as the case endures any kind of activities.


Auto backlight turns on in dim conditions, customize the color and make your dog visible.

lightweight & comfy

Weighs only 29 grams, ergonomically adjusted for your dog's comfort.

safe & happy doggies

Controlled munchies

Now that my owner knows how much I should eat, I can stay fit all season. Since Laura is not home all the time, she has no idea if I move about enough to keep my healthy shape. While she thought I run around the apartment, all I actually did was eat, sleep, and repeat. Now she has me on proper diet according to my daily physical activity, and I can fit into my winter costume without any struggle!

@raphael_thewhippet // Whippet

My owners know how I feel now

Finally, they understand what my barking means. The problem with my humans is that they have troubles learning my language, so I could never really tell them that it's getting too heated in car or too chilly at home. Well, that has changed since they got me Otury. If I'm too hot, they'll give me more water, if I'm too cold, they'll bring me a jacket. Ha, silly humans, they think it is me that they own.

@vudijs_chocolate_lab  // Labrador Retriever

I can taste freedom

No more leashes, no more worries. I'm a dog that loves to run around, but when I do that, my mama worries! I suppose it might be so because I am easily distracted and tend to go on solo adventures in the garden, digging holes and jumping in the fish pond. Somehow, now my owner knows when I've been out and where I've run around. Plus, she gives me bigger bowls of food now. Who's a good boy, right?

@bbypomy  // Pomeranian


It's as easy as loving your tail-wagging friend.

1. add your dog's profile in the otury app
2. KNOW how YOUR buddy IS doing AND feeling
3. get REAL-TIME INSIGHTS, analytics and reports



paw tracker and FITNESS PLANNER

Otury tracks your dog's steps and activity in real time, calculates active and resting time and assesses the overall fitness of your beloved pet. Based on the diagnostics, it then creates a personalized fitness plan with target activity goals for your dog to achieve. Otury gives you and your best friend safe recommended fitness goals and tips on calorie intake proportionate to activity. Now you know how much your buddy actually moves about and how to create a healthy feeding plan that fits his or her physical needs.


Otury logs in detail every walk taken and every step of your dog using continuous GPS location tracking in real time. Always know the exact location of your dog using the free Otury App compatible for iOS or Android. The Virtual Leash feature allows you to watch your dog's whereabouts, and notifies you the second your dog exits your defined "safe zone". It has never been so easy to keep your eye on your friend!


Thanks to the built-in thermal sensor, Otury will monitor ambient temperature and give out a warning whenever he or she might be too cold or too hot, preventing against heatstroke and other medical issues. Access all the statistics of your dog's body & health condition and behavior in your buddy's profile. Get daily, weekly and monthly health & activity reports and always be one step forward in understanding your dog.

easy to use, easy to understand

Otury App features a very simple and user friendly interface, so that you have no problems interpreting the data your dog collects and showing them to vet, if necessary. Otury smart dog tracker charges super fast - your friend will be up and running with it in less than 3 hours. The battery lasts up to two weeks, depending on how often Live Tracking mode is enabled. You can quickly switch between the modes to use the one that suits your needs at that time! Don't worry about travelling, as Otury works worldwide and uses no mobile data.

expert approved


We created Otury smart dog tracker, taking into account expert advice from veterinary professionals. Collaborating with Latvian University of Agriculture: Dr. Kanka, we have created a device that is used in clinical settings to assess mobility issues, skin diseases, nutrition, cognition, vision and a wide variety of medical conditions.

LLu veterinarian

Keep your dog safe and within reach


  • Smart tracking & health monitoring device
  • Built-in temperature and light sensor
  • Built-in high precision GPS tracker
  • Compatible to any collar or harness
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Weekly statistics & diagnostics reports
  • Built-in light & sound
99 EUR


Here's what Lote, our ambassador, has to say:

Just look at her face. If you can't trust Lote, who do you trust anyway?

To tell you the truth, I don't know much about technology. Not even close to understand how this stuff works and how my owner gets to know where I go, what I do when he's not home, and so on. But one thing I really know is that Otury cares about their customers' happiness. You're thinking how should I know that, I'm a dog, right? And you're absolutely right - I am a dog, but that doesn't change the fact that Otury offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if you and your doggo are not satisfied with the OTURY smart tracker, give them a woof in 30 day's time and receive all of your money back! Sounds great, doesn't it?

@lote_four_paws // Otury's first customer and tester

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Is it comfortable for my dog?

The device is designed small and lightweight and has no sharp corners, so that nothing can stop your doggy from enjoying life.

Can I use my leash with it?

The device is perfectly compatible with any accessories, including leashes, collars and harnesses.

How durable is it?

The device is made of durable shock-proof material that is waterproof as well, allowing your dog to go on adventures everywhere.

How often I have to charge it?

The frequency of charging the device depends on the use of different modes. With the active GPS tracking mode turned on all the time it can last about 3 days, and with activity monitoring mode only it can last up to 2 weeks easily.

Will it fit my dog?

The device comes with an elastic fixer attachment designed to make attaching the device easy to collars of any sizes.

What material is it made of?

The device is made of high quality ABS and polycarbonate plastic.

Are there any monthly fees?

No, Otury is a pay-for-once service, meaning that we don't have any monthly fees and hidden exclusive in-app payments. Pay once, track forever.

What do you do with my dog's data?

The information about your dog is totally yours and yours only. We use the data to compile stats and analytics, generate reports and send you personalized health advice for your dog!